Update from the CEO: It’s been a great year!

Dec 21

Update from the CEO: It’s been a great year!

It is December already! As we wind down to the end the year it is timely to reflect on our achievements this past year.

With your support we have together provided training to around 3,000 women in a range of livelihood-related skills in five developing countries, we have enabled about 2,000 women to have their businesses funded through Good Return, and we passed the 1,000 milestone in facilitating renewable technologies this past year. This means (albeit with some overlap) that we have collectively touched the lives of over 6,000 families this past year, helping them to lift themselves out of poverty.

Interestingly, we provided these services at a cost per beneficiary of just under $242, illustrating how much we have managed to leverage the limited resources available. Impact of course is not about inputs but outcomes, and with the roll-out of our social performance management program this year the plan is to have much better information on the impacts we are collectively having on the lives of the vulnerable women and men we strive to affect.

Click to read our 2012 Annual Report online!

Click to read our 2012 Annual Report online!

We also attained full level accreditation with AusAID earlier in the year, one of only 35 agencies in Australia to have been awarded this status to date.

For those of you who want more information, or who like me are interested in the numbers, please note the 2012 Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements are both available on the World Education Australia website under “resources”. Or contact me with your questions!

The offices in both Sydney and Melbourne will be closed from Friday afternoon 21st December, re-opening on Tuesday 2nd January 2013.

Have an enjoyable festive season and a great 2013!

– Guy Winship,
CEO, Good Return

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