Hear from the travellers who have joined our Trek to End Poverty

Dec 12

Hear from the travellers who have joined our Trek to End Poverty

Richard and Julia are two of the participants on our upcoming Trek to End Poverty to the Philippines in March 2014. We’re very pleased to share their stories with you!

Interview with Richard

What inspired you to take on the Good Return Trek to End Poverty 2014?

I’ve been a very keen supporter of Good Return since first hearing about micro-financing in June 2010. When there was a chance to see the educational work being done in the field I decided that I wanted to be a part of the team heading over to the Philippines in 2014. The logistics about how to do that weren’t of interest at that time; I just knew immediately that I wanted to be in that group and see the work being done in the field.

Tell us how you’re fundraising.

With so many charities and demands on peoples time & money these days I started to think of ways to raise $4k. Initially I thought I could get 40 people to sponsor me $100 each and that would be it. Surely I knew 40 people who believed in alleviating poverty in our region as much as I do. After starting though I realised that finding 80 people who would donate $50 each was a more achievable target. It was pleasing when 3 donations of $200 or more kick started my campaign. Talking and emailing people directly provided the opportunity to discuss the event and the organisation I was supporting.

What has been the most enjoyable part of your fundraising and fitness journey for Good Return so far? 

Seeing people committed to sponsoring me and then following through with that… also their interest in doing something meaningful to assist the alleviation of poverty in the Pacific rim.

Have you had any pleasant surprises during fundraising? 

I made a list of everyone I knew in the areas of work, friends, sports and organisations I am or have been involved with. What surprised me pleasantly was each time someone whom I’d had only remote or little contact would jump straight onto the fundraising page and sponsor me $50.

What are you most looking forward to about your upcoming adventure to the Philippines? 

Meeting the entrepreneurial ladies of the Philippines and seeing the education system in action followed very closely by the trek up the volcano ;)

What advice can you offer someone who is daunted by the idea of fundraising or just starting their fundraising?

Don’t think too much about it before taking action. Getting started and keep talking to those you encounter each day about the 2014 event. I probably took two weeks thinking about how I could get started and then decided I just needed to get started and from then on things started to happen.

A thought from Julia

“I am continually amazed by the unexpected wonderful joys that come about through my involvement in this trek. From the sweet giving nature of a child, the pride people express, the amazing generosity and keenness to help. Long before the trek actually takes place this has been an amazing journey already with the bonus of really being able to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Interested in joining the trip? Registrations close 30 December 2013, so get on it! Find out more here.


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