About Good Return

Good Return is a new way to fight poverty. We help impoverished families in the Asia Pacific by providing them with small loans, which they use to start or build a business. Good Return combines microfinance with financial literacy and small business education to empower women and create long term benefits for them and their families. Just one loan helps lift five people out of poverty.

A new way of giving

For as little as $25, you can lend to a woman in poverty, helping her grow her family income.

    • You choose who to loan to and get to follow the impact. Then you get your money back to keep or re-lend!
    • Good Return combines the loan with financial education and skills training to empower women and create long term benefits.
    • It’s effective — for every $1 you lend to a person to living in poverty, it multiplies to $6. (Based on an average loan of $100, see our website for more details.)


About our blog

The Good Return blog is a place where we keep you up to date on what we’re doing! From updates to the field to media releases and interesting facts about poverty and how you can make a difference, we cover a variety of topics.

Interested in learning more about the faces behind the stories? We’ll have biographies coming soon.

Do more

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You can help women like Eliza Santos out of poverty by providing them with a small loan.